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Edgerton Winter Scene
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Heard, Hulstein recognized at Prep Bowl

Heard, Hulstein recognized at Prep Bowl

On November 25, Isaac Heard and Devin Hulstein were recognized at the Minnesota State Football Finals located at US Bank More »


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Edgerton Ambulance Association

The Edgerton Volunteer Ambulance Association is currently a team of 19 EMTs and 6 drivers from our community, working together to provide pre-hospital emergency care to the residents of Edgerton, Chandler, Leota, Trosky, Hatfield, and the surrounding rural areas. They cover territory in four counties: Pipestone, Rock, Murray, and Nobles. The ...
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Missing home, but loving Edgerton

ne exchange student this year. Her name is Ella Fondberg. She is from Stockholm, Sweden. She is living with the Kelly and Lucas Kracht family in rural Edgerton. Ella arrived in the United States on August 13. She spent some time in New York City with her exchange student organization before ...
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Den Ouden Writing Contest Winners (Poetry)

Across the river, Megan Gunnink (1st) Amongst the banks, I saw a young girl With lips quivering. Like a fountain spurting, Her tears were pouring, With eyes clouded over. She anguished for the love lost from her mother, She anguished for the love lost from her father, With her hair blowing east, And eyes looking west. I followed her gaze into ...
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Den Ouden Writing Contest Winners (Essays)

How to be Popular 1st Place Chloe Tschetter In high school everyone wants to be popular. Why? Well, being popular means you have popular friends. And if you have popular friends you’re happy, right? It’s simple math. But the thing is, not everyone is popular; that would defeat the purpose of popularity. But ...
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Tiesler training in Edgerton

Jennifer Tiesler, a certified personal trainer, recently began offering fitness classes at The Exercise Place in Edgerton. Currently, her classes are held on Monday and Wednesday mornings, but she is looking to expand those hours as she gains more customers. She offers a circuit type class from 8:30 to 10 a.m. on ...
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From mechanical to digital: The printing of your newspaper

The Edgerton Enterprise has been in publication for at least 134 years. A copy of April 28, 1883, is hanging on the wall at the current Enterprise building at 804 Main Street, Edgerton. Much has changed in the printing and publishing world since those early days. From the time Johann Gutenberg ...
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