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Policies & Rates


Accounts normally are billed at the end of the month and are due upon receipt.


Published every Wednesday:
1,600 nationwide;
1,150 in four counties of SW MN.

Legal Newspaper for:

*Pipestone County (in even numbered year – alternating with Pipestone County Star)
*City of Edgerton
*Independent School District #581
The Edgerton Enterprise serves the related communities of Leota, Chandler, and Woodstock.

Advertising Policies:

All advertising copies must be in the Enterprise office before Monday noon for the Wednesday edition.

We will place your advertisements in other newspapers and shoppers for you, allowing you to receive only one bill from our office, rather than bills from several news organizations.

The publisher reserves the right to cancel or reject any advertisement at any time.

Advertising Rates

Display Advertising:       $7.50 per column inch as shown below:

Continuously-running Display Ads:   will be
discounted to $6.75 when only minor or sporadic changes are made from week to week.

Color: A charge of $30.00 will be made for printing in color. Talk to our ad sales people about this if you are interested.

Inserts: Quarter folding assumed. Inserted circulars are charged according to the following rates per thousand:

8.5×11: $120.00 12-pg tab: $150.00
4-pg tab: $135.00 16-page tab: $165.00
8-pg tab: $140.00 20-pg tab: $195.00

Other Rates & Information

Classified Rates:  Classifieds will be billed at $8.00 for the first 20 words and $.10 per word beyond 20 words.
Open House/Card Shower Ads:  $17.00 for two insertions; $ 11.00 for one insertion; $5.00 extra to include a picture.
Anniversaries:  We do not charge for anniversary write-ups in the news section of the paper. We will need you to submit “then” and “now” photos and a write-up of information on the couple. We will not include open house or card shower information, unless you have paid for an advertisement of that information.
Happy Ads:  $20.00 – $25.00 for standard ad. If it is larger than the standard 1 col by 3 inch ad, we will charge you per column inch, or $7.50 per inch of space used.
Obituaries:  If the person who has died was from our coverage area – Edgerton, Chandler, Leota, or Woodstock area – there is no obituary fee. If the deceased never lived here, but has family in the area who would like the obituary run in our paper, their is a $25 fee for printing. Death notices, which are much briefer than obituaries, will be run for free.
Engagements/Weddings:  There is no charge for printing this information. Please submit a digital photo or glossy photo for us to scan along with the pertinent information. We have forms in the office for you to use or look at for information
guidelines or you can submit your announcement on the SUBMISSIONS page.