Water Bill Higher Than Normal?

By Jill Fennema –

Most Edgerton residents were shocked by their water bills this month. That is because the piece of equipment that gathers the meter readings stopped working. Badger, the company that supplies the city’s meters and reading equipment, knew the equipment would eventually fail, when the 2G cellular service became unavailable. They did not inform the city of this. It also took three months to repair the problem.

During those months, everyone’s water bill was estimated. So in February, after the meter reader was fixed everyone had to pay for all the water they actually used in the last quarter.

City council member Kathy Baker said she wished the city had notified residents of the problem right away. The clerk and public works employees said that they did not think that it would take so long for Badger to fix the problem.

The February statements also included the new $10 rural water connection fee, which is a fee that residents will pay every month for the next 40 years.

In addition, the annual Minnesota state fee was included on this bill, which made an already bigger bill just that much bigger.

Bills should look a lot more like normal next month.

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