County Engineer to Retire

By Claire Beekman –

After 33 years of service, Pipestone County Engineer David Halbersma plans to retire this spring. “My last day will be around the end of April,” said Halbersma. “I’ve thought about it a lot, and it’s exciting in a way and also scary in a way.” Halbersma said the more he thought about the possibility of retiring this year, the more he liked it.

County Chair Dan Wildermuth expressed that Halber-sma will be sorely missed.

According to statute, the board of commissioners can reappoint a county engineer at their first meeting in May. The new engineer can be appointed for a term of one year or four years.

The commissioners approved the purchase of several items accounted for in this year’s road and bridge budget. The commissioners unanimously approved the purchase of a Cat Ziegler motor grader for $210,421.88. The board had set aside $225,000 in the budget for this purchase, which will replace one of the county’s older motor graders in Ruthton.

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