X-rays To Be Offered At Edgerton PCMC Clinic

At their January meeting, the board of the Pipestone County Medical Center (PCMC) approved spending up to $106,000 on X-ray equipment for the Edgerton clinic.

When the Edgerton clinic was built, a room was designed and added as a future x-ray room. The hope is that by installing an x-ray room, the two providers there will be able to give a diagnosis at the point of care, rather than waiting for the patient to travel and get an x-ray.

Currently, PCMC is only in the planning stages, getting quotes and and working with the State of Minnesota to ensure the proper steps are taken and rules and regulations are followed.

Marci Mahik, radiology manager at PCMC, said, “From a patient care stand point, this is a big deal. We hope to begin local x-ray services in 2018.”

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