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Lower Room Update –

We just completed our 100th day of school! We chose a number of activities to celebrate the day. The kindergarten and first grade found a couple of different ways to count to 100 with cereal. Then our whole classroom made “necklaces” with the cereal. We also all participated in a fun money counting game where we had to see who could make it to $1.00 the fastest by rolling a dice. The number you rolled determined the coin you received for your turn. We found out that it was trickier than we thought because you had to roll the exact amount you needed. The lower room also did ten counts of ten different exercises with 100 in all. Finally, the kindergarten got to glue 100 noodles on to the letter N, which they are currently learning.

February is a fun month at school since a large part of it is dedicated to reading. We have teams that try to out-read one another and also individuals seeking prizes by accumulating reading minutes. The lower room looks forward to completing the school goal of 25,000 minutes since we hear there is a fun field trip reward planned.

We also tackled a unit on poetry during the month of December. The kindergartners learned a number of nursery rhymes and helped the others with rhyming words and counting syllables when they studied other types of poetry. They also did very well writing their own poems. In addition, we learned that poems don’t necessarily have to rhyme and that rhythm and beat isn’t only found in music.

A couple of the types of poetry we learned were cinquain poems and the Japanese form of poetry called haiku. Perhaps you’re able to figure out the patterns of each? We had a winter theme for our cinquain poems. The students wrote their poem on a paper mitten and we hung them up. Here are a couple of them:

Round, white
Throwing, building, holding
I can throw it at a friend.
– Anna Gunnink
Hands, warm
Warming, fluffing, making
Put your fingers in them.
– Arie Ver Hey

Grades K through 3 celebrated the 100th day of school. Pictured are (from left) Quentin Brands, Anna Gunnink, Arie Ver Hey, Brandon Boverhof, and Isaiah Brands.

Arie Ver Hey enjoying a nap in the snow.

Poetry Mittens

Free Christian School students working on WHAM projects.

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