School News from Edgerton Christian Elementary

“Our Mission is to grow and learn together, firmly rooted in Christ, so we can glorify God and bear the fruit of service to others.”

2nd grade

Edgerton Christian Elementary School is in full swing as we approach the end of January! We are excited to have our 100th day of school on Friday, February 2! The 2nd graders in Mrs. Van Schepen’s room have been thinking of 100 ways to show God’s kindness and love to those around them in preparation for the big day.

One of the ways that our school has attempted to show God’s love this year was to “Fill the Ark” with farm animals for those in need through World Renew. We were able to give a pig, a calf, several goats, a few large herds, many quacking ducks, some buzzy bundles of bees, food resources, health kits, and even a latrine for the Ark. Have you ever thought about the waste management system that was needed on the Ark for all those days? We hope and pray that we are fostering children and young people who have a heart of generosity and give gladly for the sake of God’s kingdom.


The kindergarten class has been exploring the differences between solid, liquid, and gas. A fun way to explore the differences is to blow a gas (our breath) through a solid (a straw) to turn the liquid (mixture) into a bubble! Many of the students were even able to put one bubble inside another!

Kindergarteners exploring solid, liquid, and gas.

4th grade

The 4th graders in Mrs. Tschetter’s class have been learning about planets and their movement. The students constructed quality displays that demonstrate just how big and great our God must be to have created the universe with just his spoken Word! Speaking of our planet’s relationship to the sun, the tilt of the earth in January makes for some cold days and snow here in Edgerton.

A diorama of the solar system built by 4th graders.

Silas Van Essen, Addison Van Hill, and Peyton Blom hold planet posters.

ECES art creations seem to be focused on the beautiful snow and ice that exist during this time of the year. Does your snowman come alive at night?

If I Were A Snowman by Arianna Van Otterloo.

Last Thursday, our 4th and 5th grade students were able to demonstrate what they’ve been learning in the music room with Mrs. Vanden Akker. The concert included the 4th graders on the ukuleles and the 5th graders with their band instruments.

Music teacher Mrs. Vanden Akker directing the 4th grade students as they play their ukuleles.

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