School News from Kingdom Kids Preschool

Kingdom Kids preschoolers have jumped right into the new year!  We were all excited to be back from the Christmas vacation, and we are exploring snow, snowmen, penguins and polar animals in addition to our regular letters, numbers, shapes and colors. The fours class has done a few fun science activities relating to penguins and snow.  We learned many facts about penguins and how they stay warm in the cold water, and we know a funny song about a waddling penguin who dives into the water.

We love playing with snow indoors in our sensory table, and we make up fun stories with our penguins. We’ve also experimented with coloring snow and ice, and are learning about magnets.

Sophie Van Essen, Rhett Spronk, Josiah Fennema, Lily Masselink, and Mikah Fritz creating snowman masterpieces!

We are learning about penguins and other animals in the Arctic, so we brought the Arctic INTO our room!  Sophie Van Essen and Max Van Hofwegen play with penguins and seals in the sensory tub.

Ice cream, anyone?  We have a little ice cream shop in our room! Sierra Van Dyke and Sadie Fenske love to make sundaes for their customer, Jaycee Kroeze.

Five little snowflakes on a sunny day… out came the sun and they melted away! Boden Rieck, Hartley Blankers, Sienna Krosschell, Logan Van Dyke, and Lily Masselink act out Five Little Snowflakes.

Both classes are learning Bible stories about God’s friends from the Old Testament, such as Elisha, Jonah and Daniel. The story of Jonah reminded us that we should listen and obey the FIRST time.

The threes class had lots of fun in December with a gingerbread man unit, and we played a fun guessing game where Mrs. V. hid a character or animal from the Christmas story and we had to try to guess which was missing and tell about how it fits into the story of Jesus’ birth. We also played a game where one of US got to hide in the gift box and our friends had to guess who was the gift in the box! It was hard to stay quiet under the box while our friends guessed.  We are also getting to be masters at fixing puzzles with friends.

Our room now has a construction zone with LOTS of building pieces in it. We have wooden planks and blocks, foam pieces, boxes and tools to help us build. We are very good at thinking of new things to make, and we are becoming experts at constructing bridges, ramps, farm gates and buildings. We also have a vet clinic with lots of sick and injured animals, and those who need check-ups and vaccinations.

We love to be scientists! Brystol Kooiker and Sierra Van Dyke play around with mixing colors.

Tayton Kooiker, Kais De Kam, and Gideon Boverhof build a bridge for their skid loader.

Logan Van Dyke and Carson Vis work on a machine shed for their farming operation.

Peek in our room sometime and join the fun!