SCHOOL NEWS – EPS Little Dutchmen Preschool


We continue to offer fun events for our preschool families to come to. Each month we offer one gym night and one big event. These events take place in the evening. Our latest gym night took place on January 9. We played a fun game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. The kids rode on scooters and had the job of picking up small plastic balls.  Parents had to push the kids on the scooters to bring the balls back to their hoop. We played a few rounds where the kids had to push the parents. It was a fun night! We look forward to a few more months of exciting games to play.

Joni and Dannika Van Essen playing Hungry Hippo.

Santa came to school for our big event in December. He brought presents for the kids and had fun finding out what each child wants for Christmas. The kids were also able to decorate Christmas cookies. Santa told the kids that he lost his reindeer, Comet, while at school. The kids kept an eye out for Comet for the next few days. The kids even spotted Santa as he walked by school a few days later. They were thinking he was still looking for Comet.

At the end of January we will be designing t-shirts at our big event. It should be a lot of fun!

Elliot sitting on Santa’s lap.

3’s Preschool

The holiday season has been very busy for Mrs. Ossefoort’s Little Dutchmen. We finished up learning all of our colors by doing various different activities. We practiced our cutting by filling up a gingerbread man with brown paper, painted with Christmas bows to practice our colors, and made wrapping paper and a present for our awesome parents.

The 3’s class learning colors while painting.

3’s class practicing cutting.

To finish off our busy holiday season, we had a movie day. We snuggled up in or PJs with our favorite stuffed animal. It was a great way to end 2017.

To kick off our New Year we have started to learn our shapes. We have already breezed through learning all about the square, and will be moving onto the rectangle next. All of the students are looking forward to learning, exploring, and continuing to grow! We have an exciting half of the year left.

4’s Preschool

Ms. Windschitl’s class had the first annual Little Dutchmen Preschool Christmas Concert in December. The kids sang and danced to a few songs they have been practicing in music class with Mrs. Roskamp. One of our favorites was the Reindeer Pokey. 

Ms. Windschitl’s class held their first annual Little Dutchmen Preschool Christmas concert.

In December, we learned about Mat Man with our Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. For our Christmas concert we sang a version of Mat Man, but instead of building a person, we built Santa! After our concert we were able to enjoy cookies and juice with our families.

The 4’s class is sitting on their alphabet mat drawing Mat Man.

Our classes continue to work on learning letters and letter sounds. We are approximately half way through the alphabet and the kids are soaking it all in.  Our 3’s and 4’s classes have been working hard to get into clubs at school. We have four clubs for the kids to get in, which include: the color club, the shape club, the number club, and the alphabet club. Students are welcomed into these clubs when they master that concept. For example, students who learn all the colors get into the color club. Students work their way up through all the clubs and eventually become a superhero when they master uppercase and lowercase letters. The kids have had a lot of fun working toward their goals!

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