Ewing Hired as County Administrator

By Jill Fennema –

Pipestone County has a new administrator.  Steve Ewing was hired by the county last week after an extensive interview process. Ewing, who currently serves as the Emergency Medical (EMS) Director and Emergency Management Director for Pipestone County, was chosen from 16 applicants.

Ewing has lived in Pipestone County for nearly 40 years. He was born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, but moved to Pipestone in 1975, which was his sophomore year of high school. He went on to graduate from Pipestone High School in 1977.

He graduated from the vocational school in Pipestone and went to work for M & M Distributing. In 1983 he became an EMT with the Pipestone Ambulance Association. Three years later, Ewing was chosen to be the EMS coordinator, which is the person responsible for coordinating the work of the ambulance associations in the county.

He also became the Deputy Director of Emergency Management. Harlan Nepp was the Director of Emergency Management at that time. Emergency management involves planning for emergencies and disasters throughout the county, working with cities, townships, and elected officials to be prepared for and respond to hazards and disasters.

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