Work Readiness Program is Preparing Students

By Jill Fennema –

Six seniors at Edgerton Public School have been been spending the past semester learning about what it means to go to work every day.

Nathan Thompson, the ag teacher at EHS, oversees the “Workplace Readiness Program” which allows high school seniors to get out of school early four days a week in order to go to work in a field of their choice.

The six students in the class this year are Nick Paulsen, Miranda Buys, Mitchell Schaap, Jeffrey Swenson, RJ Bogstad, and Trey Gilbertson. The purpose of the class is to give students a taste of the real world and help them figure out what employment path they want to take.

“This is an opportunity for them to figure out what they want to do, or what they do not want to do,” Thompson said.

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(from left) Nick Paulsen, Miranda Buys, RJ Bogstad, Mitch Schaap, Trey Gilbertson, Mr. Nathan Thompson, and Jeffrey Swenson in the ag/shop classroom at Edgerton Public School. These students are taking a work readiness class.

RJ Bogstad works for Ken Christiansen farms near Holland as his work station as part of Edgerton High School’s Workplace Readiness class. RJ does a variety of jobs. During the fall harvest RJ was responsible for unloading semis to storage. He also took moisture samples to name a few of his responsibilities.

Mitch Schaap works at Cal’s Milk Hauling. His main responsibilities include servicing trucks and doing minor repairs. Here he is assisting with removing a dent in the bumper of one of the trucks.