Helped Spread Christmas Cheer

Last week, a bunch of “Christmas elves” showed up at Mark Engeltjes’ place one afternoon to decorate his yard for Christmas. This was always something he loved to do but was unable to do it alone this year as he battles cancer.

The Vande Griends were full of holiday cheer!

Darwin Schuld strings lights on Mark’s trees.

Mark watches the activity.

Santa’s helpers: (front) Bill Sandbulte, Ivan Vande Griend, Tyler Rieck, Lee Vande Griend, Larry Ryswyk, Gene Van Peursem; (middle) Darwin Schuld, Betty Engeltjes, Reese Vande Griend, Aylda Vande Griend, Rachelle Vande Griend, Kayla Buys, Dan Schuld; (back) Shibley Vande Griend, Mark Engeltjes, Mel Buys, Glenda Vande Griend