School News from Chandler Christian School

The Chandler Christian students, along with Mrs. De Groot, have been busy preparing for this year’s Christmas program.

It includes some musical numbers by our preschoolers, both the 5th grade and 6th-8th grade bands and a musical entitled “Wrapping All the Way.” The musical is a really fun one with great songs and even some rapping.  It is set in a town called “Tunesville” where the King loves Christmas so much that he made a degree that it should be Christmas every day. When presenting their big Christmas pageant, they have some troubles, and the people need to be reminded of the real meaning of Christmas. The students are very excited about the performance.

The kindergarten through 5th grades enjoyed some time together reading and making Christmas ornaments.

The basketball season, which includes our fifth through eighth grade students, is off and running, the kids are excited for their first games. Good luck this season Cougars!

Boys basketball (front, l to r) Levi Christoffels, Eli Mencia Castro, Eli Van Iperen; (back) Owen Vogel, Nathan Hoekman, Cameron Prins, Cody Post, and Jose Mandoza

Girls basketball (front): Cadance Miersma, Danica Prins, Ariana Duin, Raegan Vander Schaaf; (back) Mariah Hoekman, Miranda Hoekman, Larissa Hoekman, Kayla Vander Schaaf, Abby Van Dam


Our preschoolers are an active bunch and keep Mrs. Schmitke, our substitute for Mrs. Fuoss who is home enjoying her new son, Caleb, quite entertained and on her toes! In the middle of learning their ABC’s and 123’s, they take time to learn how to get along with our class friends, paint, play, explore, and learn all about God’s great big world. During this exciting time of  year – they get to learn all about God’s love for us by sending Jesus.  We even get to have a birthday party for Jesus! Later this month we will learn the story of the ‘Gingerbread Man’ and make gingerbread houses with the kindergarten class.


The kindergartners, are working their way through the letters, learning to write then correctly and the sounds that they make. As well as, being creative by making crafts for each letter of the alphabet and some fun painting projects such as bubble and marble painting. Painting is always a favorite, the messier the better. We’ve read some great books and are working hard on our sight words. Mrs. Van Iperen gets so excited when we point out sight words in books, even when we interrupt her to do so, learning makes everyone happy. We are also having fun with many gingerbread man activities and are looking forward to joining the preschoolers in making gingerbread houses as well as reading the wonderful story of Jesus’s birth and celebrating with a special treat.

Kindergartners having fun with a sink or float experiment: Caydence Ellis, Carter Beek, Alan Cazares, Angel Mandoza, Nathaniel Rylaarsdam, and Kalli Schaap

First and second grade

Our first and second graders have been very busy in school learning all of their math facts, vocabulary words, Vo-Wac sounds, grammar rules, reading stories, counting money, learning about Jesus and his ministry, having fun with our friends, exercising at recess and PE, and of course getting ready for our Christmas program! We enjoyed pajama day before Thanksgiving, it was a relaxing and calm day. We are looking forward to all the excitement that the holidays bring. Hope to do many fun projects this month. Have a wonderful Holiday! Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

First and second graders on pajama day.

Kindergarten, first, and second grades practicing song with Mrs. De Groot.

Third, fourth, and fifth grade

The third, fourth, and fifth graders just finished reading the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio. After reading the book they had the opportunity to go to the theater and see the movie. It is about a 10 year old kid named August “Auggie” Pullman who was born with a facial difference, and how he is adjusting to being main streamed into a regular school.  The point of the book is that Auggie is just an ordinary kid just like anyone else but just looks different. Mrs. Schaap is hoping that this book will put in perspective, for the 3rd-5th graders, how to be accepting and kind towards others.

Seth Post, Nathan Hoekman, Raegan Vander Schaaf, and Eli Van Iperen working on a project together.

6th – 8th grade

The 6th through 8th graders  recently enjoyed a Game Night/Lock-in at the school which included a pizza party, followed by games of floor hockey, sardines, and mafia.  Some of the girls did their hair and makeup while the rest of us played more floor hockey.  In the morning we worked together to make waffles, bacon, and eggs for breakfast; then came the time to clean up.  The students did a great job of chipping in and getting things clean and back in order.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders enjoying pajama day and their lock-in.

All of us here at Chandler Christian would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!