SCHOOL NEWS from Edgerton Public Elementary School

Third grade

The months are flying by in 3rd grade! We are getting very excited for Christmas and have been busy making ornaments and doing Christmas themed activities.  We are looking forward to our Christmas program on December 15.

In math we have been busy learning our multiplication facts.  During our math time, we get to rotate through four different stations in small groups every 20 minutes. Our stations involve working on IXL and our math facts on the Chromebooks, completing our assignment, and meeting with the teacher for the lesson. These rotations have challenged us and helped us learn how to work independently. Our math facts have really improved since the beginning of the year!

We have also had a few sessions of Character Education with Mrs. Landin. We enjoy learning about how we can be a good friend on the playground and in school.  We have been working hard to make sure that everyone has someone to play with. We also got to paint kindness rocks. This was so much fun and made us feel great knowing we were making someone else feel good with our friendly comments!

First grade

The first grade students have been learning about animals and habitats. Here are pictures of four of our habitats.

Ocean habitat by Austin, Jaxton, and Rylan.

Rainforest habitat by Micah, Liz, Carolina.

Desert habitat created by Ryan, Weston, and Braxton.

Polar habitat created by Arianis, Hunter, and Javier.

Second grade

The second grade is a busy but fun place to be these days. We have been enjoying our nonfiction reading unit learning about many different kinds of animals. We are getting pretty good at finding main ideas, too.

In math we have been working really hard at counting money and telling time. Both can be pretty tricky!

Science has been the most fun of all with learning about fossils and dinosaurs. Our favorite part was getting to make and paint clay dinosaurs.

Looking ahead we are pretty excited for the upcoming holidays and all the fun and exciting things that come with them.

Our music teacher, Mrs. Roskamp, has been working really hard at helping us get ready for our Christmas concert that is this Friday at 1:30. Hope you can join us for that.

Well, time to go and finish our holiday crafts.

Kindergarteners practiced their pattern skills making paper chains to decorate the classroom for December.

Kindergarteners had fun with technology. We made a green screen video. It was about the Pilgrims. Here is a screen shot of the video with Henry Wassink, Lori Mulford, Breann Rolla, Yarely Rosales, and Declan Van Roekel standing in front of the Mayflower.