PAS Scene of Mock Drill

By Jill Fennema – 

On Saturday, Dec. 1, emergency response workers from around the area participated in a mock drill at the Pipestone Area High School. The drill simulated an active shooter and an explosion in a school setting.

This was an opportunity for local EMTs, firemen, and law enforcement officers to experience a simulated terror attack on a school. Agencies from Pipestone, Lincoln, Lyon, Murray, and Rock Counties were involved. The instructors came from all across Minnesota and specialized in many different areas such as law enforcement, EMS, and firefighters. Two of the 48 students at the training were members of the Edgerton EMS. Several others were Jasper and Pipestone emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and firemen, as well as officers from the Pipestone County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO).

There were 16 instructors on hand to facilitate the training. Several local volunteers and students from the Minnesota West law enforcement program in Worthington also helped by being role players. Pipestone is one of only two locations in the state to host a 3ECHO training event. The other will be held in Andover.

The training began on Friday evening, with four hours of classroom education on active shooter response and post-blast response. According to Edison Dengler, who is a member of the PCSO and the Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force, this training also included group discussions on the proper ways for law enforcement, firefighters, and EMTs to respond to a scene in the most effective manor. Students also learned how to work as a team to effectively save lives.  

The second day was 10 hours of hands-on realistic scenarios. One of the goals of this part of the training was to insert EMS workers and officers into a highly stressful, escalating catastrophe. Each time they ran through a drill, a new element was added to the scene, adding to the stress and chaotic environment.

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Below:   Volunteers performed the roles of victims in a mock drill on Saturday at Pipestone Area School. Emergency workers practiced what they would do in case of a mass casualty situation. (photo by Jill Fennema)