Let’s Talk Turkey!

The November 22nd edition is our annual Thanksgiving edition, so throughout the paper you will find turkey recipes from our local 2nd graders. The logic of 2nd graders can be profound and humorous. We hope you enjoy these writings as much as we did!

At the beging we get the turkey from the stor. Then we talk the giblets owt. Then we put the turkey in the oven and then we talk it owt of the oven. Then we put sesenon on it. Then we eat it yum! – Syndi Vander Haar, Edgerton Christian

First step! We buy the tukey. And now we haved to warm it up in the oven. Finally we haved to put it on a big plate. Now we get to it. Whitch will be yumy yumy in my tumy. Now for the worst part we haved to clean up. the end – Leah Veldkamp, Edgerton Christian

I would invite lots of peapal. I make lots of food. I would barn the turkey. I would make ham to. I like ham more. turkuy is ok. I would make jello. I would also make mash potatous, corn, buns, and stuffing. all my family coms over.  – Tanner Thompson, Edgerton Public

First I kill the turkey. Next I take the giblets out. Third I pat stuffing in it. Then we get the other stuff. Finally I eat the stinken Turkey. – Reese Swyter, Edgerton Christian

For Thanksgiving I stay at my house. My uncle, Troy and his girlfriend come to my house for Thanksgiving. We have a turkey, some fluff, some chips, mash potatos, stuffing, and ham. My favorite month is November because my birthday is in November. Sometimes we play Wii. We play Mario Brothers. Uncle Troy wins it a lot! He has a Wii, a Wii u, a Nentendo switch, and that is all. The End!! – Avery Bosma, Edgerton Public

First we buy the turkey from the store. Next we take the giblets out of the turkey. After That we bake the turkey in the oven. Then we stick a tooth pick in the turkey. Fially we eat the turkey. – Sawyer Vander Haar, Edgerton Christian

I would make some turkey and put gravy on top of it and put some potaetos. I will cook some corn and some greenbens. I will cook some bacon too. I will tack out the corn and the greenbens. – Lupita Casas, Edgerton Public

First you by it at the store. Next you take the giblets out of it. After that you cook it and whait for it to turn brown. Then you check it with a meat thermomiter. Fianally you cut it and eat it. – Stetson Decker, Edgerton Christian

I wod invit it Mom and Dad and Grama. I woud Serv piy and ptados and grave and lasgna. I woud go to my Gramas. And I play tractrs. – Oliver Whipple, Edgerton Public

We get the turkey from the store. My Mom take’s the Giblets out of the turkey it is grose. Then we put the turkey in the oven. Then we wate of the turkey to be dun. Then we eat the turkey it is good it was the best we had. – Brenna Jasper, Edgerton Christian

I would tack off the leg and eat it. I Love eating turkey. I Love turkey. – Alicia Gonzales, Edgerton Public

First, find a big chubby turkey and shoot it. Next, bring it home and take the bullit out and pick the feathers off the turkey. Then, put it in the oven. and grease it up. Last, shoot a chickin and take the feathers off the chickin and cook it and stuff the turkey. – Jordan Van Dam, Edgerton Christian

I would buy a Turky carved. I would cook it to perfect perfection. My turky will have a side of stuffing. My dinner will also have Mash potatos, cornbread, and peacon pie and a Batman cake for dessert. I would invite my relatives and Mikah, Avery, Leah, and Bently. After we ate we would watch Batman v.s Harly Quinn. It would be a fun time. – Johanna Fleischman, Edgerton Public

First, you fetch the finest turkey. Next cut the turkeys head off. Then, put the turkey in the oven. last, eat it. That was the best turkey! – Alexa De Boer, Edgerton Christian

Frst you are going to freze it for 10 min unfrese it than put olive oil on it than you dig Bones out of it. Put it in the oven for 30 min then enjoy. I wold let in Let Joey, Mom, Dad, Wyatt, Kayla, Kelly, Mary, Cssie, Pat, John, Grandma Flanagen, Grandma Post, Betley, Jake, Mary, (Post), Mavis. – Wade Post, Edgerton Public

first, you cetch a chricy. next you cut it open. Then, you cuck it. last, you eat it. – Izzy Masselink, Edgerton Christian

I would invite my mommy and my Dad xoxox I would make Turkey. I Like Turkey!xoxox for Thanksgiving. I Love my mom. – Maddie Van’t Hul, Edgerton Public

You can buy one. Or have one for the summer. And you can shoot one. And put it in the crookpot. And you invite people and eat it. – Daiven Jasper, Edgerton Christian

Shoot the turkey, bicher it first, then coock it, then you will put them on a big Plat. – Anna Gunnink, Free Christian

We wold eat turkey. we wold eat rise. My aunt cusins and brother sistr and my parents wold be thair. I wold play nentedo. – James Vindel, Edgerton Public

First, get a plump turkey and bring it to the boucher. Next, take it home and thaw it out. Then, cook it for a half an hour and invite Gradmas and Grandpas, Aunts, and unlces and cousins too. Last, prepare the table and sit down to eat. DIG IN! – Megan Blom, Edgerton Christian

I would get lunch meat and tacos! It would be the best meal ever! The tacos would be turkey flavered. The lunch meat would be turkey. I would invit Avery, Karson, Joey, Kalen, and Jayse. Not my sisters! Supper anoying sisters! Maby Amarjae! After super we would play video games all night. – Bentley Appel, Edgerton Public

Buy your turkey. 2. Let it set a litte. 3. Then cook the turkey in a pan. Set it at 45 dgres. 5. make mashed potatoes and gravy and stuffing. 6. Infit people over and have a good time. and eat. – Logan Post, Chandler Christian

Fast you hunt down a turkey! Then you cut the turkey and you eat the turkey! I would share the turkey with Alicia and I would share with my family! Then my mom will call my family! – Lydia Skime, Edgerton Public

I am not gona Help Becos I do not know. My Grandpa will do it. But if I did Help I would Be nice and Be Thank ful. – Greyson Dowling, Edgerton Public

First, find a turkey cut of its hed and butcher it and put on sesuning. Next, make stuffing. Then, Cook it for a day. Last, time to eat yum! – Myah Johnson, Edgerton Christian

first I would just go get one from the grocery store. Then I would cook it in the oven. Next when it is cooled off a little, then I would put on the seasons. Next I would set the table. Last, I put the turkey on the table. – Bowie Fraser, Edgerton Public

I would Hunt for a turkey to eat. I’d cook it for us. We eat dessert aftr we eat Turkey. – Dawson Bootsma, Edgerton Public

First you kill a turkey, then you take off the fethers. Next cut it Last, you stuff it with corn and ptatos meat. Last put it on a pan and put it on the plat. rit now then put lettis arond it and slice tomatos. Now its time to eat it. – Paige Blom, Edgerton Christian

First, find a turkey cut of its hed and butcher it and put on sesuning. Next, make stuffing. Then, Cook it for a day. Last, time to eat yum! – Myah Johnson, Edgerton Christian

I would hunt a wild turkey in Utah. I would make Chad butcher it. My wish will come true cause I’m the only child. I would cook it at 475˚F. – Noah Voge, Edgerton Public

I would go hunting first. Then I would pluck the fethers off the turkey. Next I would get stuffing. Then I would cook vegetables for around the turkey plate. Then I could get a wishbone. We also would make pumpkin pie with mash potatoes and cranberry juice to go on my turkey. My family will come when it’s done. – Mikah Tinklenberg, Edgerton Public

First, you hang the turkey. Next, you cut off there heat. Then, you put it in the oven. Last, you gather around the taibl and eat. – Sawyer Stoel, Edgerton Christian

first go Walmart, then get the turkey. second Get a Knife, cut the head off cook it. third ding then EAT IT! – Michael Vicente, Edgerton Public

1. Buy a turkey. 2. Cook it 6 minutes. 3. Cut the turkey. 4. put a turkey in a tray 5. Than eat the turkey then eat gravy on the turkey. Then put mashed potatoes. Last put the stuffing. – Noeh Mendoza, Chandler Christian

I would go hunting for one. I would try to go for the heart then I would go home and pluck the feathers off of it. Then I would put it in the crockpot. Then I would go hunting for three more. Then I go home and smoke it. Then we would have a Thanksgiving diner. – Karson Kreun, Edgerton Public

First, You go out whith your nife and chop of the turkeys head. Next, You hang it up and then you cook it in a crokpot. Then You stuff it whith some stuffing. Last, You eat it and. Then, It goes throe yor body. – Josiah Pap, Edgerton Christian

  1. I First make a list of what to do.
  2. I’d buy a turcky and cook it.
  3. I’d get goodys but not candy.
  4. I’d get every thing ready
  5. then we’d eat.
  6. The End.

– Kalen Dirksen, Edgerton Public

I will go grocery shopping for a turkey and when I get home I will cook it in the oven and make some rise, and beans and I will share with my family. – Maxx Matos, Edgerton Public

I would buy a Turkey with my money and I will asked a adult to put the turkey in the oven. Then I will get everything redy. I will put the flowers in the vase and I will put the vase on the table. – Dasia Dawkins, Edgerton Public

First, you find the most best turkey in the world. Next, you cut of there head. Then, you cook it. Last, you eat it. – Lauren Van Stelten, Edgerton Christian

I would hunt for the turkey and pluck the feathers off. Then I will cook it in the oven or on the stove. I will get two turkeys and cook them at 400˚F for three hours. Then I will put it on a cooling rack and put it on the table. – Madison Jessop, Edgerton Public

First go out with a slug shotgun and find a big terky and shoot it then pluck its fethers then you can boyol it then you can cook the terky. – Hendrik Bork, Edgerton Christian

I would hut for a turkey and cut of his fether. Then I put the turkey in the oven. Then I will invite my whole family. – Luis Franco, Edgerton Public

I would shoot the turkey. then I cut the turkey up. I would mack it old fashin way. You put it on a stick and turn it over the fier. It would tast good!!!!! – Reece Gilbertson, Edgerton Public

First take a shotgun. Then go looking for a Turkey. last cook the Turkey and take it out of the uven and than eat it. – Carter DeRuyter, Edgerton Christian

First I whoad put salt and peper on the turkey. Trn the oven to 300 degrees. Next I whoud put it in the oven for 100 owrs. Then I woud eat it whith my famle. – Chelsi Csobor, Edgerton Public

First I would go hunting. Then I will pluck the feathers off it. Next I would cook up corn and vegetables to put around the turkey and make some pie to go with it. Then I will have to place all the food on the tables. – Lexi Van Dyke, Edgerton Public

First you find a fat turkey Then you take it’s scin of Next you cook it last you eat it. – Axton Spronk, Edgerton Christian

My Grandpa is going to get a 30 pound Turkey. And cut his haed off. And then my Grandpa is going to cook it. And then he is going to eat it. – Dallas Erickson, Edgerton Public

first we bie the turky at the store. Then we cut it open with a nife. Next we put seasoning on it. After we put it in the oven. Finally we eat it. – Lane Binford, Edgerton Christian

I will invite Jackson and Jayse and uncle. we will have fun. We have a great family. – Jonah Garcia, Edgerton Public

buy stafing the turkey. My dad cooks the turkey. My mom makes the pupkin pie. – Ammon Ockenga, Edgerton Public

1. Buy your turkey 2. Get a pan and put the turkey in it. 3. Put the turkey in the oven. 4. Put it in 400 minies. 5. Make mashed potato. 6.Take the turkey out of the oven. 7. Put it on the table. 8. Take out your mashed potato out of the oven. – Nery Jimenez, Chandler Christian

What I’m going to do for thanksgiving we are going to have some soda with my familiy. We also are going to have some letis and som tomatos with it. Drawul some turkeys and put some cloth with it. I will cook the turkey. I will put it on a plat and put the letist and tomatos on the plat with the turkey. And put everything on the tabele. And invite some people to eat with us and the kids are going to drawle the turkey and put the cloths on the turkey and color it like a turkey and they can take it home and then my cousin can stay a sleepover my house. – Ashley Dominguez, Edgerton Public

First you buy a turkey. Second you take the giblets out. Third you bake the turkey. Forth you put seasoning on the turkey. Finally you eat the turkey. – Ailynn Johnson, Edgerton Christian

put it in the oven let it cool down. Invit Jackson it Bentley Tanner Jonah Cali and we will eat. – Armajae Henry, Edgerton Public

If you have a gun, go to a forest, find one, shoot it, and get it. Next, take out the guts and bones, Then you put this stufing stuff on it, and salt, Then cook it, after a hour, take it out, And Eat The end – Clint Schelhaas, Edgerton Christian

I would get a turkey and bake it. Then I would let it cooll of. And I would all so have some candy corn and mash Btatos. – Cali Wagner, Edgerton Public

I would make a turey and some corn. I would nvit Jonah Jayse Oliver Amarjae Reece Naoh Cali. I would mack pacorn. – Jackson Hunter, Edgerton Public

would infite Mika, Amarjea, Resee, Jonah, Tanner, Amman, Jackson, Dowson, Noah, Karson. For food I would gaf Cheels and chese and makaranx and Chese and piza. Me and my friend will go hunting for a big fat turkey. – Jayse Kuiper, Edgerton Public

We by it at the store. Take the gidlets out of the turky. We cut it open. We cook it. Then we eat it like famly. – Margarie De Ruyter, Edgerton Christian

I would invite brother, mom, aunt, uncle, dad, grandma, grandpa, and cousin. I would eat turkey, masht btatows, cake, carits. I would cook it in the ovin. I w put napkins, fork. It would be asam. I would love everyone to come. Mom might help me. They would not need to pay. – Cara Ruiter, Edgerton Public

First I bye the turkey. Then I cook the turkey. Next my mom and I make the stuffing. Then we get the ether stuff. Finally I’m going to eat the turkey. – Sophia Prins, Edgerton Christian

If I where in charg I would make turkey but with a twist because I would add candy. We would ingoy. I would mack dzrt. – Reagan Van’t Hof, Edgerton Public

First grama bise a turkey. Seccent grama takes the giblets out. Third we put stuffing in it. forth we put it in the oven. Then finally we eat it! – Elliot Vander Pol, Edgerton Christian

I would set my table with fance cups, spuns. I would make cokeise, Turkey, masht ptatos and grave. I would invit my ants my anculs. I will have a good thanksgiving. You will to! PS I will put cake on the tadle. And will put my fansy decerashans. – Grace Soleta, Edgerton Public

We go buy it. We cook it. We let it sit out for a couple minits. We cut it open. Then we eat it. – Micah Sas, Edgerton Christian

I would go outside and shoot a Turkey. Then I would go inside and… carv the Turkey! Then I cooked it. And then…I eat It! That was a good Thanksgiving Turkey! – Carver Arndt, Edgerton Public