School News from ECES Kingdom Kids Preschool

We’ve had a great start to our year! We have ten friends in our threes class (T, Th) and fifteen friends in our fours class (M, W, F) so our room is busy.

We started the year in both classes learning our friends’ names, and looking for letters in our own names.

We love to learn new things and are soaking up anything Mrs. V. gives us!  We love it the best when we can experience things hands-on, and most of us like to get messy.

Both classes had fun sorting and washing gourds and pumpkins. We LOVE to play in the water!

4’s class

The 4’s class is diving into letters…what they look like, what they are named, the sounds they make, and how to write them. We are good at finding letters everywhere in our room, and we are learning about numbers, too.  We are up to number five, so we had lots of fun with Five Little Monkeys! We acted out some of our favorite monkey stories, and we especially liked when the monkeys’ mom jumped on the bed!  We had an apple unit in September, and a pumpkin unit in October. We learned how things grow and how God makes things keep growing in His world. We had fun learning songs and rhymes, sorting leaves and pumpkins by size, and playing games.

Our Bible stories have focused on how God had great big plans for each of his people – Noah, Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph. We were amazed how God talked to Moses from a burning bush. Now we are learning about the First Thanksgiving, and will celebrate with a feast!

We did a magic trick to make fire on Moses’ burning bush!

“Five little pumpkins sitting on the gate…”  Pictured from the right are Rhett Spronk, Raelyn Stoel, Josiah Fennema, Max Van Hofwegen, and Mikah Fritz.

The 4’s class took a bus to the fire station for a visit with a fireman. We explored the fire trucks and learned about fire safety. Back (L-R) Fireman Kirk Van Hulzen, Max Van Hofwegen, Rhett Spronk, Logan Van Dyke, Dylan Brands, Carson Vis, Boden Rieck, Mikah Fritz, and Josiah Fennema; front: Sienna Krosschell, Sophie Van Essen, Hartley Blankers, Raelyn Stoel, Lily Masselink, Annika Kornelis, and Reese Christians.

3’s class

The 3’s class has been busy, too! We learned some pumpkin rhymes and songs, and used pumpkin fun to learn body parts. We compared sizes and shapes of pumpkins, sorted pumpkins, and compared sets to see if they are more/less/equal.

We are learning about our alligator scissors who is hungry for paper, and we practice our colors with a speedy color game. For the number five, we acted out Five Little Ducks and learned a song about the ducks.

We LOVE to get messy!  We’ve played with shaving cream (making lines and numbers), sidewalk paint, green slime, and finger paint!

Stop by sometime to watch us in action…but be ready to get messy!

The 3’s class kids are working hard to make their names with wood pieces. Brystol Kooiker did a great job!

Reese Christians and Sophie Van Essen make apple painting patterns.

Kolton Hoheisel finishes his castle masterpiece at center time.

Sierra Van Dyke plays a counting game.