Browns Family Helps Honor Vets

By Jill Fennema – 

On Friday, the annual Veteran’s Day celebration was held at Southwest Christian High School. The Browns from Le Mars, Iowa, provided some of the music for the event. They sang several patriotic numbers for the audience that included veterans, members of the community, and all the students from the fours schools in town. They also sang each of the armed service songs for each branch of the military, while veterans from that particular branch stood and moved to the stage area.

Included in the program was the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance, the singing of the national anthem, prayers by Legion Chaplain Larry Snyder, and a poem about veterans read by Chloe Tschetter.

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The Browns performed at Southwest Christian High Schoo for the annual Veteran’s Day program. They also gave a concert that evening at the school. (Photos by Jill Fennema)

After the veterans at the program were recognized, Shane Van Essen thanked them for their service on behalf of the students, and this sign was held up in the bleachers.

Michaela Brown played God Bless America on her violin and sang this memorable song.