School News from EPS Little Dutchmen Preschool


Our Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) classes look a bit different this year. Two nights per month we offer activities for families to come in and enjoy together. 

One of these nights each month has allowed us to reserve the big gym at school and have gym night with preschoolers and parents. In September we set up gross motor stations for the kids to enjoy different activities. These activities allowed the kids to explore with:  throwing, catching, playing volleyball, throwing to a target, playing hockey, playing soccer, and trying to learn how to hula hoop. In October, we had a fun night of playing kickball. The kids learned how to run around bases, kick a rolling ball, and stop it to throw it back to the pitcher. 

Our big activity for October was carving pumpkins. Parents and students brought their pumpkin to school to carve on October 26. This was a fun time for both the parents and the kids. Some of the kids loved getting messy and digging into their pumpkins while others didn’t care for the mess. These are fun activities and our staff enjoys seeing our families spending quality time together. 

3’s class

Mrs. Ossefoort’s 3’s preschool classes have been very busy already this year learning many new things. Seven students come on Monday and Wednesday, and seven students come on Tuesday and Thursday. This year the 3’s classes will be learning about their colors, shapes, and numbers. Each week is something new that the students will learn about, as well as new themes and activities that the students get to participate in.

So far this year the students have been learning about their colors. Each week is a new color that students are learning about. The first day that they come to school they wear the color of the week. The second day they come to school they bring show and tell that is the same color. Along with learning about the colors the students work on various different skills. This year we have been able to paint with cars, paint dinosaurs, make whipped cream, make apple volcanoes, and many other activities.

Have you seen us around town? The three’s preschool classes have been lucky enough to tour different businesses around town. Drooger’s Food Center and the Edgerton Bakery are two of the businesses that the students have experienced. It was very exciting for them to go behind the scenes to places that they have visited before. As the year goes on we will be visiting other local businesses!

The three’s class has many things planned in the upcoming months as the holiday months approach!

Bill led the 3’s class on a tour through Drooger’s

Connor painting with cars during his 3’s class

Bently going for a ride at Drooger’s during a field trip

4’s class

Our 4-year-old classroom is buzzing with energy! We have two sections of 4-year-old preschool and they are all busy learning and playing throughout the day.

Just before school started we found out that we were chosen to receive a grant through the state of Minnesota to become a Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program. This funding allowed us to have our 4 year olds at school all day (not every day), purchase new materials for our classroom, pay for every child’s tuition, and pay for their transportation each day. This funding has been great for our classroom and our children!

The students adjusted very quickly to being at school all day. We now also get to enjoy classes such as gym, library, and music. If you ask the kids, they will tell you their favorite parts of the day are gym and lunch. 

So far this year we have focused on six letters and are continuing to learn about new letters each week. While learning about the letters, we are also learning how to cut, write, share, and many other important skills.

While learning about the letter I, we performed a science experiment with water and ice. The weeks leading up to Halloween have given us the opportunity to learn more about pumpkins and participate in activities involving pumpkins. One family donated small white pumpkins to our class for us to paint. We also practiced fine motor skills while hammering golf tees into a pumpkin. This was one of the activities that the kids couldn’t get enough of.

Brynlee sliding during recess with the 4’s class.

The 4’s class made elephant masks while learning about the letter E.

John and Sephia practicing fine motor skills while hammering golf tees into a pumpkin in the 4’s class.