Krosschell Retires After 48 Years at Chandler Feed

By Jill Fennema –

Take a trip back in time. It’s 1971. A young man works at the controls of a feed mill. There’s one concrete grain silo. It holds about 10,000 bushels of corn. A farmer pulls into the elevator with a pickup truck. He’s pulling two flair box wagons of freshly shelled corn.

The man at the mill is an average man of average height and average build. He doesn’t talk too much. His dad, the salesman, he talks – to every customer. And cautions his son that he has to learn to talk to the customers, too.

Fast forward 40 years. That same man is still working at that elevator. His father has passed on. He is older now, and his family has grown into four married children and eight grandchildren, with three more on the way.

The business is still family-run, but it, too, has grown – from an elevator and feed mill on the corner of 5th and Main to a three-location operation that provides over 6 million bushels of grain storage and delivers thousands of pounds of feed every day.

Ron Krosschell knows the value of hard work. He was taught how to work by his parents, Peter J. and Gertrude (Spronk) Krosschell.  After 48 years of hard work, he recently turned over the day-to-day operations of his company, Chandler Feed, to his four children.

Ron is quick to take the spotlight off his own accomplishments and point to his supportive wife, Wendy, and all the employees for his success. But more than that, he attributes his success to the blessings he has received from the hand of the God he loves.

Ron started working for his dad in the family’s hatchery when he was old enough to drive a truck. Well, he wasn’t really old enough – only 14, so his sister would ride long. They would bring chickens to Campbell Soup in Worthington.

It was around that time – in 1963 – that Pete added a feed mill to the hatchery business. The extent of what that decision would mean for his family and his business would not be known for years.

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Ron Krosschell – 14 years old

Chandler Feed in the early 1950’s


Ron and Wendy Krosschell’s wedding


Chandler Feed location in Edgerton, MN

Chandler Feed location in Woodstock, MN

Chandler Feed location in Chandler, MN

Peter and Gertrude Krosschell family in 1966. Front, left to right: LaVonne, Roger, Gertrude. Back: Ron, Pete.

Chandler Feed in the early 1960’s

Chandler Feed, Chandler location in the 1980s before the tornado


Ron and Wendy Krosschell family in 1983. Left to right: Stacy, Justin, Ron, Amber, Wendy.


Ron and Wendy Krosschell ready to enjoy their retirement years.