School News from Chandler Christian School


We are a great class! We have been busy so far, getting to know one another and learning our classroom routine, along with reviewing all the things we learned last year. In the coming weeks we will be working our way through the letters – learning to write them correctly, the sounds they make, and learning that by putting them together, we create words. In math we will be learning about sorting and classifying, along with numbers 0-10. And in science, we will be doing fun experiments and explorations.

In Bible class we are reading the amazing story of God’s creation and learning about great people who trusted and obeyed God, even when they don’t understand. Please pray for these little ones throughout the school year as we continue learning and participating in many different activities.   

Mrs. Van Iperen

Rosey, Kennedy, Naomi, and Amiirah enjoying the painting center in the pre-school room.

The K-3 students enjoying a day at Pipestone National Monument. Our whole school enjoyed a beautiful fall day at the Pipestone Museum and the monument. This was a reward for reading over 100,000 minutes as a school last year. Our trip was postponed from last spring due to rainy weather.

3rd. 4th, 5th grades

Welcome to the new school year for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders! Getting some new 3rd graders to our mix always changes the dynamic of the class. Everyone is getting along really well. While the 4th and 5th graders ease into the school year a bit easier than the 3rd graders, the 3rd graders are learning the routine quickly and adjusting well to a new classroom.

In math the 3rd and 4th graders have been busy learning about adding numbers with a different number of digits. The 5th graders have been learning and practicing multiplication.

In science, the 3rd and 4th graders have been learning about the different kinds of insects. They were impressed with the abilities of what the ant can do. The 5th graders on the other hand are learning about oceans. An interesting thing we learned about oceans is that the oceans kind of have a highway system with currents. It makes traveling in water a lot quicker when they sail on the currents. We are keeping busy in all of our subjects!

We had a great time on our field trip to a play and to Pumpkinland. We ask that you pray for us throughout the school year in our education, our growth, and our spiritual walk with God.

Mrs. C. Schaap

On October 13 our school walked down to the Chandler Fire Station. Fireman Kent is showing the younger students how heavy the clothes that they wear are. Firemen Kent and Grant showed us around and talked about fire safety. We enjoyed seeing the trucks and all the equipment.

Raegan Vander Schaaf is the 5th grader who tried on the fireman’s clothes.

The students enjoying the new playground equipment.

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