Dutchmen Down Raiders

By Mike Drooger –

Did you know 10 words comprise around 25 percent of the recorded English language according to Oxford University? Those ten words, listed in order of frequency, are:  the, be, to, of, and, a, in, that, have, and I.

One word that’s probably used less than half a percent is ubiquitous, which is defined:  present, appearing, or found everywhere. After the Edgerton/Ellsworth football game October 24 vs. Fulda to open tournament play, ubiquitous could have been used to describe Trey Gilbertson, especially on one particular play.

The Dutchmen had just scored to pull ahead 46-36 in a surprisingly evenly matched game between the number two seeded Dutchmen and the 7th seeded Raiders. Each time the Dutchmen scored, the Raiders seemed to retaliate and they did it in a variety of ways. Fulda’s coaching staff dug deep into their playbook utilizing halfback passes, wide receiver passes, hook and laterals, and handoffs on the kickoff. The latter was used after E/E had gone ahead by ten. It appeared as if Fulda was going to take the kickoff all the way to the end zone, but Gilbertson came from out of nowhere to catch the Raider runner from behind inside the ten. Not only did Gilbertson catch the runner, but he also dislodged the football. An equally hustling Jaden Bloemendaal fell on the ball at the 10. Three plays later Bloemendaal scored from 46 yards out, Gilbertson caught the two-point conversion pass, and E/E was up by a much more comfortable margin of 54-36.

On Fulda’s next possession, Gilbertson tackled the Raiders’ quarterback for a one-yard loss. On the next play, the ever-present Gilbertson fell on a Fulda fumble, which led to E/E’s final scoring drive of the evening.

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