Daycare Shortage A Concern

By Jill Fennema –

The Southwest Initiative Foundation (SWIF) is a nonprofit organization in Hutchinson, Minn., that is focused on enhancing the 18 counties that make up southwest Minnesota.   SWIF has identified that the number one economic development issue facing rural communities is the lack of child care.  SWIF has initiated a 15 person cross functional task force of child care providers, state agencies, employers, and others to tackle this issue.

In Edgerton, there is currently a shortage of child care providers. There are currently six licensed in-home daycare providers in town. There are also a couple of rural providers within 10 miles of Edgerton.

The six daycares in town are operated by Caty Arp, Joni Van Essen, Karen Dyk, Linda Berning, Kaila Kooi, and Verna Brands. Recently these providers attended a CPR refresher course, which is required for their licensure.

Choosing who will watch your children while you are at work is a daunting task; you have to find the right fit for your family and your child’s particular needs. But in Edgerton, actually finding care, especially for an infant, is even more daunting.

Most in-home daycares, with only one adult on staff, have the same number of infants and toddlers, which is either two infants and one toddler or one infant and two toddlers. They can have three to five preschoolers as well. The rest of the children in the provider’s care have to be school age.

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These child care providers were taking a CPR refresher course recently. They own the six in-home daycares that operate in Edgerton. Pictured from left are Verna and Allen Brands, Kaila Kooi, Caty Arp, Karen Dyk, Joni Van Essen, and Linda Berning. (Photo by Jill Fennema)