School News – from Edgerton Public Elementary School


We have had an exciting start to the kindergarten year! We have two classrooms filled with 37 fabulous students. We have been busy with so many new things. We have been working on reading, writing, and math.

We have had some fun adventures too. Our gingerbread men ran away from our classrooms. They were so quick. We had to look all over the school for them. The firemen visited our classes to teach us about fire safety. We even got to see the grass fire truck.

We also really enjoyed red and black day. Going to the pep fest at the end of the day was so much fun. We are looking forward to an incredible year.

The group picture of Mrs. Fleischman’s kindergarten class on red and black day.

Mrs. Drooger’s kindergarten PE classes took advantage of the beautiful fall weather by playing a Pirate Treasure Hunt game outside.

Pictured in the collage above are: first column (top to bottom): Brendon Ockenga, Joel Melendaz, Breann Rolla; right column: Gabriel Delgado, Payten Dale-Lingen, Marlee Brands.

First grade

Happy fall from Grade One!

Mr. Dennis Smit visited with the Kindergarten, first, and second grades. He taught the boys and girls about fire safety. Mr. Gilbertson even put on his uniform to show us what he looked like and how he sounded. The firemen told us to tell our parents to check our smoke detectors and to have a meeting place for when we get out of our homes. They also told us to make lots of noise if we are ever in a building that is on fire. That way the firemen can hear us and help us.

First grade is fun!  We like to read, write, and work with numbers. In science, we learned about the scientific process, and we are now learning about living and nonliving things.  We are looking forward to our upcoming harvest party.  Soon, the teachers will share all of the students’ progress during parent/teacher conferences on November 8 and 9.  It’s hard to believe that we are close to finishing the first quarter of school already.

The first graders are pictured with Mrs. Delaney and Mrs. Vander Lugt and fireman Dennis Smit.

Second grade

We are off to a great school year in second grade. There are a total of 38 students in Mrs. Gilbertson’s and Mrs. Hadler’s classes. We are so happy that we could start the year in our new classrooms, and not have to move our desks and supplies like last year.  We are enjoying learning and working together.  We like our Daily 5 reading time, and we really like Math Workshop. We are working on many different skills in all our subjects. One of our favorite things is learning cursive. It makes us feel very grown-up. We have been enjoying this nice fall weather, which you can see in our picture.  Mrs. Drooger has even taken us down to the new disc golf course at Rock River Park.  If only it would stay warm and sunny…but we know what kind of weather is waiting right around the corner.

Elementary PE classes walked to Rock River Park and played disc golf.  Here is a picture of some second graders.

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