More pics from last week’s EHS Homecoming Week!

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These 6th graders are dressed up for severe weather day. (back) Brecken Scholten, Mateya Gilbertson, Ty Vander Ziel, Alyda Vande Griend, and Chelsy Reyes; (front) Isaac Eames, Alyssa Petroff, Taylor Van Dyke, Natalie Mucha, and Jordan Bloemendall

Estrella Uribe, Mrs. Manitz, and Kim Sanchez dressed for severe weather day.

Junior Joe Van Essen getting the pep fest crowd pumped up with the pep band.

Seniors Cullen Heard, Trey Gilbertson, Marcus Vander Lugt, Lila Ockenga, Jasmine Jensen, Ashley Moss, Miranda Buys, Chynna Berning, and Lauren Sankey all dressed up for America Day

Sophomore Courtney Fey shaves a balloon as part of a relay race for class wars.

Sophomores Luke Veldhuizen, Rulon Bistline, Devin Pietz, Jesson Delfs, and Daniel Guardado show off their school spirit on Red and Black day while holding Brayden Kuiper.

Ausha Thomas, Ian Alvarez, Aiden Bootsma, Abra Johnson, Cameron Berghorst, and Tarryn Bogstad use their mouths to find objects hidden in the Cool Whip. Then they had to give the objects to their girl partners for this game of cream and mallow. The first team done earned extra points for their class during class wars.