Helps Red Cross in Texas

Having given blood to the Red Cross Bloodmobiles for many years, Rick Fey had the opportunity to also participate in their Flood Relief program in Texas.

With Category 4 hurricanes hitting both Texas and Florida in the same month, something that had never happened in the United States before, relief workers from all Red Cross branches were invited to help out. Rick spent an afternoon in a Sheltering Basics class in Sioux Falls on Labor Day and then waited for about a week before getting assigned to a shelter in Austin, Texas.

Both hurricanes spread such widespread flooding that shelters were set up as far as 300 miles away from the Gulf Coast. That was the case in Austin, as about 1,000 people were moved inland and given a place to stay while their homes were cleaned for them to move back into, or other accommodations were found with relatives or in temporary locations as families sought to “start over” after some homes were found to be uninhabitable any longer.

I spent the first week helping in feeding lines which were similar to my experiences in the kitchen at the Edgerton Christian Elementary School and also while serving meals at The Banquet in Sioux Falls. Main courses of the meals were brought into the large building (formerly an empty warehouse) in large totes; volunteers then prepared the plates for the families as they came through the lines. Between meal times there were donated cases of granola bars, applesauce cups, and many kinds of chips to go with bottles of water to keep our guests well fed.

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Owners of homes are packaging everything wet and damaged in plastic bags and stacking them at the curb. The City of Houston’s trash trucks are picking up the bags and dispensing of them.

The Red Cross volunteers packed the meals in trucks and delivered them daily to devastated neighborhoods.

Women from the Southern Baptist church were preparing meals for the people remaining in their damaged homes

One of the refineries that was closed because of flooding.

Volunteers developed friendships with the people they were helping.

Each sheltered family member is given a cot for sleeping and they create an area where they can keep the few belongings the family could salvage from their flooded homes.

Rick is holding the one-week-old baby of a family that is being sheltered in Austin, Texas.