Celebrates 40 Years

By Jill Fennema –

Craig and Trevor Fey have a lot of good memories of growing up around cars. When Craig was five years old his dad, Roger Fey, bought out the car dealership that was owned by his grandfather, Ervin Fey. Roger had also grown up around automobiles and it seems that it’s a family trait that has carried on through 40 years and 4 generations.

Roger’s Auto Sales started in August 1977. While his dad also ran a service station, Roger enjoyed selling cars and running the AAA towing portion of the business. So that’s where he focused his efforts. In the beginning, when the farm economy was not doing so well, he focused on the towing business. With interest rates around 18 percent, not many people were buying cars.

In addition to the towing, Roger worked on cars, adding things like aluminum wheels and running boards. He later sold Honda 3-wheelers and mopeds. By the time the moped popularity started to decline, cars were selling again, and that became his main effort. That’s where the cornerstone of the business has remained ever since.

In 1987, Roger bought the lot across the street to the north, where there was an old concrete building that housed many businesses over the years. He tore that building down to make room for a sizable car lot. It was around this time that Craig started working in the business, detailing cars and helping out around the shop. When he was 15, Craig spent a lot of time in the shop restoring a banana yellow 1973 Dodge Challenger.

Business really began to take off during the 80’s. That’s when they started selling cars that had been used by McDonald’s executives. The cars came out of Ames, Iowa, and were the reliable, economical cars people around here were looking for.

Then in the 90’s they began buying cars out of Florida. Roger would drive down to Florida and return with three used vehicles free from rust problems that had been too common in the Upper Midwest. The next week they would sell them, and then back he would go to Florida for more. While he was in Florida, Craig and Gloria, Roger’s wife, would handle the business in Edgerton.

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Craig and Trevor Fey are standing alongside a 2005 Chev. Corvette, one of the unique cars they have for sale right now.