Drive Collects 57 Units

The Edgerton Red Cross blood drive on September 27 had a total of 57 units collected.

There were 21 people who came in the first hour but there is only room for 10, so many had to wait and 6 people left. Making an appointment can help eliminate waiting time for donors.

Abe Westenberg gave double red cells on Wednesday. He has been donating blood for about 50 years.

Pins were given to the following donors: 7 gallons – Faith Groen, Lori Boeve, and Stacy Kathman; 6 gallons – Gert Baker; 4 gallons – Lois Kooiman.

First time donor was Megan Gunnink. She received a gift of the red teddy bear in honor of the occasion.

The next blood drive will be January 24, 2018, at the First Presbyterian Church.

Megan Gunnink was a first time donor this time.

Abe Westenberg is donating double red cells. He has been donating blood for about 50 years.