SWCH Trap Team Begins Fall Season

The students at SWCH, along with junior high students from Edgerton Christian Elementary School, Free Christian School, and Chandler Christian School, have started their fall trap shooting season.

There are 18 students in the program this fall and they are off to a good start.

Junior Megan Gunnink had an exceptionally good day, shooting 45 out of 50 shots. The students shoot in rounds of 25, and Megan was able to shoot all 25 in one round, earning a accomplishment badge for herself.

The team is coached by Ron Krosschell, Marv Kuipers, and Al Pilaczynski.

Trap Shooting results

Week 1

Megan Gunink 45

Mason Van Essen 40

Micah Fennema 37

Levi Kuipers 36

Jarett Kuipers 33

Seth Fennema 29

Conner Van Hill 28

Gordon Dyk 26

Wyatt Vos 24

Hunter Vander Haar 17

Isaac Gunnink 16

Cody Post 14

Brandy Pilaczynski 12

Lucas Fennema 9

Kayla Vander Schaaf 8

Danielle Hoekman 5

Mariah Hoekman 5

Cameron Prins 5

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Pictured are members of the SWCH trap team: (back, from left) Cameron Prins, Seth Fennema, Isaac Gunnink, Micah Fennema, Hunter Vander Haar, Conner Van Hill, Gordan Dyk, Danielle Hoekman, Kayla Vander Schaaf, Mariah Hoekman; (front) Lucas Fennema, Wyatt Vos, Megan Gunnink, Mason Van Essen, Jarett Kuipers, Levi Kuipers, Brandy Pilaczynski, and Cody Post.