Schaap Receives National Certification

WORTHINGTON — The lymphedema therapy program is returning to Sanford Worthington.

Sy Schaap recently became certified by the Academy of Lymphatic Studies. She has been a physical therapist at Sanford Worthington for 20 years, and is currently accepting patients suffering from lymphedema.

Lymphedema is swelling in the upper or lower extremities. It is a result of removal or damage to the lymph nodes, preventing lymph fluid from draining well and accumulating in the extremities. Lymphedema is often a side effect of cancer treatment.

Lymphedema therapy is a specialized treatment approach to remove the excess lymph fluid. A number of different therapy techniques can be used to treat lymphedema.

Schaap is able to teach patients various exercises to lessen the effects of lymphedema.  Various specialty manual lymph drainage techniques are used to stimulate the flow of lymph fluid.  Specialized wrapping techniques can be used to force the lymph fluid out of the extremities.  Compression garments can be customized to encourage flow of lymph fluid.

Call 372-3184 for information about Sanford Worthington’s lymphedema therapy program.

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