How Do Enrollments Stack Up?

By Jill Fennema –

Enrollment numbers at the five schools in the Enterprise coverage area have mostly increased again. Total combined enrollment at all these schools increased from a total of 774 in 2016-17 to 832 this year. These numbers include preschool for those schools that have a PreK program.

Edgerton Public had 434 students enrolled as of Monday. Superintendent Keith Buckridge said that he expects that number will still fluctuate over the next month. SWCH has 99 students this year, compared to 91 last year. Edgerton Christian Elementary School declined slightly in enrollment, with 239 enrolled this year, compared to 251 last year. Free Christian has 17 students this year, compared to 16 last year. Total enrollment for Edgerton is 789.

Chandler Christian has 43 students this year. Last year, we reported they had 29 students, but that did not include their PreK program. They have 10 preschoolers this year.

Here is a breakdown by class for Edgerton Schools:

Edgerton Public School

PK:    26

K:       39

1st:    25

2nd:  39

3rd:   32

4th:   36

5th:   31

6th:   30

7th:   30

8th:   27

9th:   40

10th: 24

11th: 28

12th: 27

Total:  434


Southwest Christian

9th:  32

10th:  23

11th:  25

12th:  19

Total:  99

Edgerton Christian Elem.

3’s:  10

4’s:  14

K:  21

1st:  28

2nd:  26

3rd:  27

4th:  23

5th:  25

6th:  26

7th:  23

8th:  16

Total:  239


Free Christian School

K:  2

1st:  1

2nd:  1

3rd:  1

4th:  6

5th:  0

6th:  2

7th:  1

8th:  3

Total: 17

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