By The Numbers

Math Teacher Begins 55th Year

Picture:  Henry Kramer was the principal at Southwest MN Christian High School for 33 years.

By Tim Gallagher of the Sioux City Journal.

Orange City, Iowa – Henry Kramer, 76, begins his 55th year as an educator on Wednesday when the school bell tolls at Unity Christian High School in Orange City.

Talk about an equation. Take 54 (years that Kramer has taught or presided over students as an administrator) times 180 days of school and you come up with 9,720 days.

Kramer would laugh off the sum. The solution that matters most to him? Doing God’s service while helping educate and shape young people.

“Through mathematics I hope my students see God as the great creator — designer of the universe, understand the orderliness of creation, and sense the beauty of mathematics in the creation,” Kramer wrote as teachers commenced for a few in-service days prior to the start of the school year.

Beauty of mathematics? Kramer said you’ll see it Monday as the solar eclipse throws our region into a state of wonder as the moon crosses in front of the sun, casting the moon’s shadow on the earth. In 1979, Kramer stood with students at Southwest Christian High School in Edgerton, Minnesota, equipped with a box, a paper and a pinhole, through which he and his students observed the sun’s shape disappearing on the paper.

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