Don Zylstra: “I Just Love Cars”

By Glenda Masselink –

Visiting with Don Zylstra is like looking at historical pictures built with words. Don has had a lot of experiences in his life and loves to talk about them. He said, “I can’t write and I can’t spell, but there is nothing wrong with my mouth!” Don’s wife Anne added, “I used to try to correct him sometimes when I thought he was wrong, but now I just let him talk. His memory is a gift.”

Don was born April 15, 1925, in Ashton, Iowa. He had a brother 5 years older than him and a sister 14 months younger. His dad drove a Standard Oil 1925 Model T gas delivery truck. His father had to carry the gas in buckets, climb a ladder to the top of the overhead gas tanks, and pour the full buckets into the tanks. Don’s grandparents in Montana said that they would help Don’s parents and family start farming in Montana, which sounded a lot easier to them.

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Anne and Don Zylstra

Anne and Don Zylstra with the horns they obtained by trading a truck hitch

Don was giving his sister Helen and friends a ride on this stripped down Model T Ford. The vehicle later was cut in half and made into a trailer

Don’s 1990 red Chrysler LeBaron

Don bought this 1929 Plymouth from Bertus Kooiman and then sold it back to Bertus’ son Bruce many years later

Don Zylstra in his famous 1967 Cadillac with horns

A 2007 Ford Mustang

1963 Cadillac Fleetwood


A 1967 Cadillac

Don’s 1958 Ford Pickup

A white 1990 Chrysler LeBaron

Don Zylstra’s five remaining collector cars and a tractor were lined up on his farm northwest of Edgerton

Don with a 1949 Studebaker