City Looks at Well vs Rural Options for New Water Source

For several months, the Edgerton city council has been discussing the option of connecting to Lincoln Pipestone Rural Water (LPRW). When LPRW placed a 14-inch water line west of town, the city paid to have a “T” placed in the line to allow them to connect to the rural pipeline in the future.

Last month, representatives from DGR Engineering presented information to the city about a preliminary engineer report (PER) that they compiled after assessing the city’s current water system. At the April meeting, the city council requested more information from DGR regarding what would be involved in digging a new city well.

Last week two representatives from DGR returned to the council to give them that information. According to their estimates, it would cost the city approximately $910,000, and possibly up to a million dollars, to dig a new well.

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The circled area northeast of Edgerton is a calcareous fens, The DNR would not allow a new city well to be dug in this area. A calcareous fens is rare and destinctive wetland. There are only about 200 of these in the state, most of which are only a few acres in size. These fens typically occur on slight slopes where upwelling water eventually drains away and where surface water inputs are minimal.

Current wells in the area in and around Edgerton.